How it works?

Want to make new friends?

Still looking at profile pics and typing messages?

Come on! Make friends online — live video chat is much more fun! You can meet absolutely anyone — guys and girls from all over the world hang out here. Choose for yourself: talk in private or as a group, turn on your webcam or just watch what others are up to, while you are invisible!

Want to show yourself?

Just turn on your webcam and microphone and everyone else will be able to see you!

It all depends on you: what can you show? Your talents, something you can do better than anyone else? Or just yourself? Create your own show and you are sure to be noticed! If you are popular you’ll earn a place in the TOP10. And with the iPhone app you’ll be able to do it wherever and whenever you like!

Want to be the best and always get the attention you deserve?

Combine live chat and exciting live quest!

As you go through the chat sections and view the broadcasts, don’t forget to pick up gifts, achievements and compliments, rate the talent of other people and show your own. Fancy making fun of your rivals or get rid of them altogether? A whole range of Superpowers is at your disposal! Use them on anyone standing in your way! Get a top rating and you’ll earn the respect of the crowd!