In videochat you can not just only type text or voice chat, but you can see your companion live! To do this you need only a webcam, microphone and a browser that supports the latest version of Adobe Flash.

The service will be useful for those who wish to learn or just to chat with each other online. Invite to Video Chat your friends - tell them about this convenient way to communicate! Here you'll meet people from different countries and cities that make the atmosphere of communication more interesting and fun!

With your cooperation we hope to make the video chat not only the most famous and popular, but also the most user-friendly and comfortable. Service is constantly improved and refined.
Make gifts, vote for your favorite video and tell everyone about yourself!
First, registration is required to be able to see and use all of the features of video chat Vichatter. On the registration page, enter e-mail, name and password. Each user has his personal page where one can store photos, and other various information. The personal page information can be managed manually. Ones the profile is created the account owner can send messages directly to other users of Vichatter. When registering and creating a personal profile the user should keep in mind the rules of the video chat broadcasting and strictly follow them. Username and avatar should be respectable. To see the full video chat rules click here
If you do not want to create a private broadcast to communicate with your friends you can make a video call. It is similar to a Skype video call. You call a user and then you have the possibility to send and receive text messages and talk with the help of video or without it if one of the users does not have a web camera. For your convenience, you can adjust the settings so that only friends can make video call you.
It is prohibited to use the service of online-broadcasts for:

It's prohibited to use the broacasts service for:
Demonstration of illegal, harmful, menacing, offending morals, slanderous, breaking the copyrights, propagandizing hatred and-or discrimination of people to racial, ethnic, sexual, social signs content
Infringements of the rights of under-aged persons and/or harming them in any form;
Infringements of the minorities rights;
Posing as another person or any organisation or community spokesman without enough rights, including the social network mployee or creator.
Deceiving about properties, behaviors and characteristics of any subjects or objects.
Demonstration of unauthorized advertizing information, spam, financial pyramids schemes etc.
Demonstration of any serial numbers for any commercial software, or keygens, logins and paswords or any software for illegal access to any paid web resources, or links to all above-mentioned content.
Demonstration of any commercial or agitational content.
Broadcasting of of rude or outraging content, abusing soneone.
It's prohibited to talk over the moderators and administration actions in main channel. You can ask all the questions in proper topics.
Demonstration of erotic content is allowed in Erotic section ONLY. The violation punishment is the broadcasting prohibition.
Persons under 18 years old can not create broadcasts (of any content) in Erotica section.
Demonstration of pornographic content is PROHIBITED.

* The responsibility for the broadcasts content fully imposes on the broadcast author!

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